DAX Discrete

In future years we are confident that DAX Discrete will come to be regarded as a milestone design on the road to the perfect audiophile d-to-a converter. What it achieves, is to directly connect you with your favourite music like nothing on earth has ever managed before - outside of the live acoustic experience.

And never before has such sheer ability in the required disciplines of high-speed digital, DSP programming, RF methods, experienced audiophile design and a perfectionist's obsession been gathered, with the sole objective of creating the ultimate digital to analogue converter - from first principles - without assumptions or compromise.

DAX Discrete is the result, and it's a radically new converter! Easily able to handle all digital audio formats (including DVD-A™ and SACD™) by means of a custom interface and with stunning resolution. Though without doubt its most important ability is the capacity to convey emotion with enthusiasm and conviction, thereby maintaining a tight connection to your heart. This transformation will apply to all high resolution formats including your existing CD collection, which will stimulate the emotions with newly revealed comprehension.

DAX Discrete adopts the established DAX name and is the latest in a series of converters which began 10 years ago with the UltraAnalog equipped DAX original, followed by the award winning DAX-2 and our anniversary model, DAX Decade. Although it shares the same well-respected name as its predecessors, DAX Discrete shares no common circuits with them. In fact, the electronic design concept and execution of DAX Discrete is a world-apart from any other converter in existence today.

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